Stop Walking Through a Broken Storm Door

We perform reliable storm door and screen repairs

A storm door is an extra layer of protection that keeps your front door safe during bad weather. If it breaks, you could lose out on that protection. Diamond Glass & Feiners Inc performs comprehensive storm door repairs and replacements in the Ann Arbor, MI area. We’ll take care of your cracked glass screen and make your door look like new.

Contact Diamond Glass & Feiners today to learn more about our storm door repair services.

We’ll take care of your whole storm door

We’ll take care of your whole storm door

Diamond Glass & Feiners has decades of experience working with all kinds of storm doors. Whether you have a plastic, wood or metal door, reach out to us to:

  • Repair its track
  • Replace its plastic corners
  • Create and install new glass screens
  • Install a new replacement door
Call 734-769-2722 today to get started on your storm door repair. We’ll come to your house in the Ann Arbor, MI area at your convenience.